Sun 20/07/08 18:33

I’ve heard stories about backpackers kind of hanging together, and from my experience tonight it’s true. I just said hello to some guy, the next thing I know I’m sitting in a bar with about 10 people. There were people from Poland, Scotland, Canada, South Africa, and New Zealand… All because I said hello. This is a great way to live though, you meet new people every step of the way.

Sun 20/07/08 13:29

Well, the official tour ended and I’m now on my own… kind of. What that means is that this morning I left St. Petersburg for Tallinn, Estonia first thing after breakfast. I was so worried about not getting stuck in Russia after my visa expired that I took the easiest route out, which was a bus ride to Tallinn. I have to say that I think it was a great idea. First, just out of coincidence two of the people on the tour ended up have the same bus ride as I did, since I didn’t make hostel arrangements prior, I ended up following them to there hostel and booked a room. It’s good when things work out. Continue reading