Wed 03/09/08 22:31
Nearing a Month Since I’ve Been Back

Well, I got off the plane in Dubai on the 17th, and it’s getting close to one month since I’ve been back. Long enough that I look back on the vacation as a memory, and not like I was still living it. I’m back teaching, my life has gotten back to normal, and things seem to be no different from when I left for Beijing more than two months ago.
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Thu 21/08/08 23:57
it’s about 4 blocks away.

So I’ve been fighting jet lag for the last week and it’s been a tough go. So I’ve been doing stuff to just try and keep busy during the day. This morning I decided at about 5 to go to the beach (persian gulf). The only time that you can go to a public beach here is evening to mid morning. After that it gets too hot to have fun.
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Sun 17/08/08 23:50
I’m starting to convert some of the video that I managed to salvage from my camera. The best way to describe what happened is that the camera stopped working in Moscow, but it didn’t give any indication that there was a problem. I remember one time trying to view one the things that I taped and it wouldn’t come up on the screen, it kept saying “creating thumbnails.” That’s what it’s doing right now, but it never creates them. It looks like for now that everything before Moscow is okay, and everything afterwards isn’t.

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Wed 13/08/08 11:00

Right now I”m sitting in the airport and trying to use my computer but the screen is really dark…so dark that I can’t read what I’m writing. I don’t think I’ll be able to check my email until I get back to dubai in about two days.

sorry if you sent an email, but I hope that you understand…. I can’t see anything on the screen.


PS: I’m writing this part a few days later now that I’m home. When I was going through security at Albuquerque’s airport I saw a girl that looked just like Karen, a ex-girlfriend. It was kind of funny looking back at the situation now, but at the time my heart dropped down into my stomach and the “fight or flight” mechanism kicked in. I timed the security check so I was putting my shoes back on when she was collecting her belongings and went up and asked her if her name was Karen. I could see when I was close to her that it wasn’t her, but she could really have been Karen’s twin… and she said that she wasn’t. I had a butterflies for about 20 minutes after I asked her.

Sun 10/08/08 23:56

It’s late and I just got home. Since I don’t really feel like going to bed I figure it’s a good time to update my journal, this entry will be real time… meaning I’m not writing about something that happened a day or two ago.

I had a great day. :) After my last post I took off to do get some more shopping in, but I took a detour and decided to go to the Cadillac Ranch. I can’t give you the reasons for it, but I can describe what the Cadillac Ranch is, it’s a bunch of old cars that have been partially buried. I don’t know the reason for it, but it’s an art piece that is pretty cool.

Later on I went an hung out with Mandy at her shop. She and Alex have an art gallery and framing shop in the heart of Canyon. That was about 5, and at about 7 Jan came over and we went to dinner. Great dinner and great company. We finished the night having coffees at Hastings.

Tomorrow I’m going to finish all the things that I need to do before I leave to go back to Clovis. I should be on the road early evening.