Sun 06/07/08 21:55
Back to Ulaanbataar

We got back to UB yesterday and even though I had a great time during my stay at the ger camp it felt pretty good to take a shower and to have some of the comforts one gets used to. It’s now Monday morning and I’ve got to check out of the hotel for our train ride later today, but last night we went to a cultural show that had several types of folk singers, dancers, and music all done in a traditional style. The batteries on my still camera were dead, so I took my video camera instead. It worked out to be a good decision, but it also means that I don’t have any photos to show in my journal.

After the show most of us went to a traditional restaurant and then for a walk around the city. We ended in an Irish pub drinking Mongolian beer.

Just for the record, Mongolians say gingus khan, instead of ghegis Khann… it’s just something that for some reason I wanted to let people know. We in the West have been pronouncing the name wrong for who knows how long… the difference is the first syllable, ging instead of geng.

Tonight we leave for Russia.

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