Wed 13/03/13 21:34
I turned out to be “that” guy

It’s early on Wednesday morning. I got up this morning about 6:30, and I’m not really sure what to do with myself. I want a cup of coffee, but the restaurant isn’t open. That leaves me sitting in my room typing on this computer, even though the wifi won’t be on for another half an hour.




Hikkaduwa has been great and I don’t want to leave, but time is getting short. If I’ve done the calculations correctly I leave in two and a half days, that is if I wait to the last possible moment before I leave. There are still some things that I want to do before I leave too, one is to taking a surfing lesson and the other which I plan on doing this morning is to go diving again. My ear is not perfect, but I think it will survive one more dive.


Speaking of diving, yesterday as I was sitting in the café drinking a coffee and watching the video that I took while under the water, one of the waiters came over to watch, the next thing I know, there are about 8 people all surrounding me watching the video. One guy was sitting on the armrest of my chair… it was kind of weird, but it was also kind of cool. The crew of the hotel has started to befriend me too, they come and sit at my table (sometimes) just to chat.




I just got back from another dive trip. The water was nearly crystal clear and I had no problems equalizing. I did embarrass myself by nearly running out of air though. I think that I still have enough, but the dive master made me use his alternate hose for the accent. There’s something about the way I breathe that makes me go through more air than most people. Two days, two dives, and I was the first to run out of air each dive. I’m the guy that makes everyone’s dive shorter. They must hate me. :(

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