I’m in JB right now, having got here yesterday at about 2pm. I’m about 60% happy to be here at this apartment, and about 40 percent not sure if I picked the right place.

The apartment is nice, I’ve got a master bedroom and am sharing the 3 bdrm with one other guy. He’s in med school and about 25 years old. Seems like a nice guy. I’ve got a pretty good view of some hills out my window and there is a communal balcony that is nice to sit on.

The forty percent is because I think I’m pretty far from everything. When I say pretty far, I am not speaking from experience since I haven’t really left the apartment since I arrived, I am mostly just speaking from what I’ve been told. Once I post this entry I’m going to head out and get some supplies, so I’ll find out for myself how difficult it is to move around here.

Oh, and happy birthday to me. :)


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