This is my second attempt in as many days to practice my video editing skills. I’m getting better but there are still lots problems. Probably the biggest is that I don’t have all the right footage, or the footage that I do have is barely adequate. Oh well. From Wikipedia: Typhoon Soudelor Typhoon Soudelor, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Hanna, was the third most intense tropical cyclone worldwide in 2015 after Hurricane Patricia and Cyclone Pam as well as the strongest tropical cyclone of the 2015 Pacific typhoon season. Soudelor had severe impacts in the Northern Mariana Islands, Taiwan, and eastern China, resulting in 40 confirmed fatalities. Formed:July 29, 2015 Dissipated:August 12, 2015 Highest winds:10-minute sustained: km/h (mph), 1-minute sustained: km/h (mph) Lowest pressure:900 hPa (mbar) Fatalities:59 total

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