If you’ve been following my posts lately I think I fixed one of the major errors with the blog. I say ‘think’ because it was such an easy fix that it’s almost laughable that I didn’t find it at first go. There are some other problems that I still need to get into and fix, but the one that was really bothering me was that the columns weren’t acting as they should have.

In total, I think a conservative estimate was that I worked on the blog for about six hours. No lie, it was probably closer to double that. In the end it was one css style that was messing the whole blogs formatting. I went through nearly every check that I could think of and nothing was working. I restored the blog to before I fixed the static pages and no luck, everything was like it was before I started working on it, and common sense would mean that it would be like it was, but for reasons I don’t understand it took changing the width of the main div.

It’s fixed so at least I don’t have to be embarrassed if someone goes to the blog.

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