Just as the title says, I’ve started a new series on kennethcurtis.com. It’s based on my need to learn wireframing for web design. I decided not that long ago to again try to pick up where I left off on learning Balsamiq Mockup for wireframing. I had started it a couple of years ago and got to a working level with it but I never really took to the concept of creating a site without having a visually pleasing end result.

When a friend asked me to work on a concept that he had been thinking about I thought that this would be a good chance to construct the site in a more contemporary way. The result was that I decided to start a video/written series where I record my process of learning the software. The thought is that maybe there are others out there that may be in the same place I am and would enjoy working along with me. I think my friends somewhat simple site is a good project to work on. I really like the idea on my end if only it gives me an incentive to keep at it. The last time I worked with Balsamiq I simply lost interest in it.

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