So even before my second book is completed, I’m getting mentally prepped for my next book. You can find out about my second book in a previous blog entry. I haven’t decided on what my next book is going to be about, but I do have a couple of ideas.

Option 1:
Continue with the series that I have been working on about my travels around the world while I was living overseas. It’s an easy decision to make since I’ve already done two in the same vein. I could just keep the same layout, maybe get a little bit more creative with the design though. I kind of like this idea mostly because I will be in a safer area doing something that I’ve already done in the past.

Option 2:
Now bear with me for a second, I just thought of this as I’ve been writing this entry. I could also do a picture-book of photos that I’ve taken as I traveled. I’m not sure if I have enough quality photos though to make it worthwhile. I could probably squeeze about 120 pages of images. It’s worth thinking about at least.

Option 3:
This option seems to be the one I’m leaning towards right now. I could put it to the back of the line so to speak, but right now I’m thinking that I want to write a book about computer graphics. I think what I would focus on is the technical side of using a computer for art. This means that I would have subjects such as gamut, additive color, resolution, file formats, and a few other things. I could go two ways with it, I could do a kind of handbook that cuts to the nitty-gritty of the subjects. I like books like this, where you read what you want to know about. The other way to do it would be to write the history of the subjects (if there is any), talk about theory, and give best practices.

So anyway, that’s what I’m thinking about now.

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