Wed 03/09/08 22:31
Nearing a Month Since I’ve Been Back

Well, I got off the plane in Dubai on the 17th, and it’s getting close to one month since I’ve been back. Long enough that I look back on the vacation as a memory, and not like I was still living it. I’m back teaching, my life has gotten back to normal, and things seem to be no different from when I left for Beijing more than two months ago.

I started to summarize my experiences in a long blog entry, but stopped when I realized that it would have ended up being a small book by the time I was done. In the end I felt that my memories were more important to me than to others, and if I do write it should be with that thought in mind… for myself. I will say that the 45 days that I spent traveling the world were the best days of my life. I met some great people and some Australians…

As for the sights that I saw, I can’t tell you what it meant to me. I can say that I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. Riding camels in Mongolia, going for a canal cruise through St. Petersburg, and a hundred other things that have been etched into my mind for I hope forever. I can still feel the excitement of being on the Great Wall, or the awe of standing in the middle of Red Square, places that I never dreamed I get a chance to see.

The only thing left for this portion of my blog is to thank those of you who paid attention to it. I realize that many didn’t know that I had intended to keep it updated, but after I failed miserably on updating it when I first got to Dubai, I thought it was a better idea to not spread the word. So Thank you to everyone, and keep coming back, my next trip is already being planned. It’s a 16 day excursion to Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. Should be fun :)

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