Sat 14/03/09 07:05
and I’m cold, wet, and tired

It was my last day here in Istanbul and I had hoped that the weather would cooperate with me. The sun was out when I first left the hostel, and in no time the clouds came in and shortly afterwards it started to rain. It rained for about 2 hours and that was about an hour longer than I felt I could endure. So after walking for about three hours I decided to start back for the hostel. It’s now 2 in the afternoon and I still have a couple of hours before I need to leave for the airport. Those extra hours are needed, I’m soaked from the rain, and I even used an umbrella, and I’ll use the time to warm and rest up before leaving. For some reason I got worn out earlier today than I usually do. Maybe it’s just the everyday thing that’s starting to catch up to me, or maybe I walked more hills today than usual, either way, I did about 10 miles and I’m beat.


The food is great here. I’ve been trying my best to sample as much different kinds of food as I can, and today I tried a breakfast dish that I think was lamb. It sure would be nice if I could remember the names of some of the things that I’ve tried since I’ve been in Istanbul, but age has sunk in and they say memory is the first to go. Last night I had a beef crepe that was just the best. I may go back to the main street and find some other place to hang out for the last hour or so before I leave.

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