Sun 15/03/09 00:16
and getting ready for work

Yeah, I know that it was going to happen, that I’d be back home and getting ready for work at some time, but I don’t know, it seems a little too soon. After the day of mostly rain and cold weather I was looking forward to getting back to the warmth of Dubai, and it does feel good. I just don’t feel like going back to work just yet.

So what can I say about Istanbul that I probably haven’t already said? The city is fantastic, the people were incredibly friendly, the food was the best, and the women were gorgeous. Probably the one thing that I didn’t like is the amount of police. Everywhere you go there are way too many cops, on walls, in little booths, walking around, literally everywhere. Even the people that ran the hostel mentioned how much they didn’t like it. At some times it seemed almost like a police-state. That brings up a good question, why do governments hate their citizens so much? In Dubai we have security guards everywhere, in the US they monitor email and phone calls, and most of the other countries I been to have similar tactics to keep track, or maybe control of the residents. Why do they need to do that?

That’s maybe a subject for a paper some day,  but for now all I wanted to do was make the final journey part of the blog complete. Which will be done when I submit this post, but I will add a couple more for extra images and movies that I haven’t uploaded yet.

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