It’s been a while since I updated this blog. It hasn’t been like I’m not working on the web or not writing, because I have. I’ve started another site at where I’m spending the majority of my time working. I’ve written about three or four crappy posts there in the last week. I’m not trying to be funny or self deprecating; the truth is that they are written poorly. There’s a reason for it and it comes from the need to change my writing style. This style, like the one I’m writing in this blog is what I tend to call freestyle. It’s what I consider to be the type of writing that I think I’m good at. I get the name because I don’t have to research anything, I just sit down in front of the computer and start writing. The other style, the one at is supposed to be a more thoughtful and informative similar to what you would find at a tech site. The type of web site that you may go to to read a review or to view a tutorial.

I’ve been having problems getting my ‘head’ into the game though. I’ve got a dozen things that I need to take care of and all I seem to be doing, is nothing. The place I’m staying moved me late last week and the new room has really spotty internet. For about the last five days I’ve been lucky to get connected a quarter of the time. Up until this morning for the last two days I had no internet at all. This morning though I tried moving my computer to some strange places and I finally connected. The space that seems to be working is on top of the microwave that is sitting on top of the refrigerator. I won’t get the luxury of sitting while I work, but hey, I’ve got internet.

I’m not sure if I’m weird, but if I don’t have internet I can’t seem to work at all. I sit down to do something and the first thing I want to do is surf for information. An example that happed yesterday was that I decided that I could practice my motion graphics on AE, so I sat down and thought that I should see something I like to get me set in the right direction, but no internet. So I ended up watching tv. I also spent about two hours going through some footage to start a new video. I found what I think will be my next video, but for some reason I couldn’t get started. It’s like without the internet I kind of sputter. Anyway, I’ve got it now so hopefully I’ll get back on track.

No word and no idea of what I’m going to do in regards to my personal life either. Since I didn’t get the job I was counting on, I have to decide where I’m going to live and what I’m going to do. I’m not going to get into details but after I learned I didn’t get the job I applied to as many universities that I could find and decided that I’d wait to hear back from them. I gave myself to the end of last week to be notified if any were interested. I heard from one, but not any others, so now I’ve got to find a new ‘permanent’ place to live. I’m thinking Lubbock, but for now it’s just a guess.

I think this is the first time that I mentioned it to anyone online so far. I remember telling a friend about it, but he really wasn’t too interested in seeing it… oh well. So I’ll do the next best thing and share it with the thousa…, uh, hundre…well maybe dozens… okay, let’s just say that I’m going to share it with the bots that come to this site. :) It’s becoming kind of fun to make jokes about how desolate my sites and videos are. I think that if I keep laughing at it, it doesn’t really bother me that much.

So, yeah. I’m building or should I say, I’m redesigning my old site. After it was hacked for the third time I have kind of shelved it and just basically did a redirect to the site. That worked for a while, but in the back of my mind I’ve always consider myself to be a web designer and for my personal site just sitting there kind of bothered me. Especially since I’ve been applying for jobs and need as many portfolio pieces as I can get.

Just ironing out some of the design.

I’m kind of taking the site in a new direction since I have the site as a personal site, I figured that it would be a waste to just do a new personal site. If I’m being honest, that’s been the problem all along, I could never really figure out what to do with it. So I decided to use the site as a more ‘professional’ site. Initially what I was going to do was just post my images, portfolios, and related information. As I was building it though, I realized that I could use the opportunity to do something that I’ve wanted to do for some time. I’m guessing maybe ten years ago I got the urge to start writing about graphic design, web design, and technology in general. I have literally spent most of my life using and studying computers and the applications for web, video, and graphic design. Not only that I’ve got three related degrees in the arts, two in computer arts, and one in graphic design. I think I’m in the position to try to write about it.

So that’s the new site I’m building, The site will be based on the idea of exploring arts and the technology that is used to create it. For now it’s going slow and I’m not really proud of where the site is now. I see some potential there and I’m hoping that as I move along, I’ll be inspired to create something really great.

As for the structure, it will be very similar to I’m using static pages for the main pages and blog for articles about different subjects. I thought that this would be the best way for me to write without worrying too much about the design. It also allows me the very intriguing idea of inviting people to write for the site. This would be the best outcome to create a site that has regular and freelance writers that post consistently. I get chills just imagining having a team of writers, maybe a team of people monitoring the site too, all while I’m away hob-nobbing with all the other tech entrepreneurs.

The last thing is something that I want to do, but I’m having problems convincing myself to actually do it. That is be real. Let me explain. A friend told me that I needed to not worry about what others thought and just be myself. It makes sense and I know that I hold myself back all the time in whatever I’m doing, video, design, or writing. The problem is, is that I don’t like the idea of offending anyone. So, although I can’t predict the outcome, I’m going to try hard to say what I actually want to say. In the last article I wrote I used, “ass” and “turd.” I’m such a rebel! :)

Before I start on the main topic of this post, I thought that I’d mention that my latest youtube video has been uploaded. As always, I’m the first to say that I wish it was better, but for the footage that I had and my change in making videos (using voice overs) I think it’s pretty okay. You can watch it at my youtube channel which the link is below, unless you’re reading this after it’s left the front page, then it’s If there is anyone that watches it and wants to let me know what they think, leave a comment or contact me. Any guidance is appreciated.

Now to the subject of this post… bad news. I want to be careful not to disclose too much information, at least in this post where the news is hitting me kind of personally. The last thing that I want to do is give too much information that could come back to haunt me later.

If you’ve been following this blog you know that about a month ago I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. That I was working on videos, and if you were in my circle of friends you knew that I was applying for a job in the US. That whole process started back in November when I first applied. I went through two interviews and then was invited for an interview on campus. So I left KL to come back to the US for the final interview. I had the final interview last week. Tonight I found out that I didn’t get the job.

Right now I’m kind of numb. I’m not sure why I wasn’t given the position, and I will probably never find out, but right now I’m hurting. I kind of threw away a pretty good life in KL to come to the US and now I am not sure what I’m going to do.

That’s about all I think I should write about. To summarize, I left a good life to go to an interview, and now I don’t know what I’m going to do. I mean I’ve considered the possibility that I wouldn’t get the job, but there are so many variables that I couldn’t choose until I actually knew that I wasn’t offered the position.

And… to be completely honest, I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself right now.

So I flew into Clovis last week and have been kind of just hanging out for the last few days. Before I go too far, let me first say that the flight from Dallas to Clovis was the best flight I’ve ever been on. Serious, it was the absolute best. I was on a small turbo prop airplane that sat eight people and there were three of us on board. The chairs were executive level seats that were very comfortable, like sitting in a laz-e-boy (are they still around). From my seat I could see the cockpit and look through the front windshield and of course I had a perfect view from the side too. The other two people on the flight were behind me so it felt like I was on the plane alone. We had some pretty strong turbulence too, but I don’t know why it wasn’t scary, it just seemed fun to me.

The view from my seat. Isn’t it just too perfect. I wish flying was always like this.

Everything about the flight was perfect. The planes took off from DFW, but at a different location so there was no TSA screening. I just checked in, grabbed a seat and waited for the flight to leave. I didn’t have to rush to a gate, or do any of the other BS stuff. I can honestly say that if flying was like that everywhere I’d travel a lot more instead of dreading flying.

So anyway, I’m in Clovis and to be completely honest, I’m loving it here. There are some things that are kind of a pain, like not having a car, but other than that I’m feeling really good.

I’ve kind of stayed away from talking about why I’m here just because I don’t think it’s appropriate to talk about it in this context. I will say I am here for a purpose, not for a visit or pleasure. Even though I’m here more for business, both of those are coming into play on my stay. The thing that is really shocking me is I forgot what it was like to have friends, or maybe good friends around. Since I’ve been back to the US I have felt more at home than anywhere else than I’ve been. It could be because I’m new basically just the flavor of the month, and given time things will go back to normal, but for now, it has been great experience.

Me looking all business and sporting some serious brow wrinkles.

I’ve started working on my next video. This video will be on an abandoned village in an emirate in the UAE. I started it yesterday and it’s going really slow. The past videos I’ve done sometimes I start slow, but get excited somewhere midway in the process. Usually when this happens it’s because during the process I can see where the video needs/wants to go. It just doesn’t seem to be happening on this one. Right now I’m working on the voice over and I haven’t stalled on it, but I’m struggling to be creative and informative without sounding like a weirdo. I’ve roughed in about half of the voice over and tomorrow I’ll finish most of it. It won’t be done, but it will probably be close to being finished. Then I’ll have to go back and edit the footage for clarity and tempo. The rough pass of editing was just to get the parts that I thought were important to the narrative. Once I have the voice over, I’ll have to refine and modify the video footage to get something in a finished state.

So that’s it for now. Actually, there’s more that I want to talk about, but for now I think that I’ll end this post. I can tell that I’m rambling a little– not too much but rambling all the same.

I got into Dallas I think on Thursday. Time has been slipping by so fast I sometimes have a hard time staying caught up on the day and the date. If you’ve followed along with my blog you know that I’m here to prepare for an interview on the 18th in New Mexico. The transfer from the airport to the hostel went without a hitch, but it wasn’t fun. I landed at about 11, and didn’t get to the hostel until about 2am. I did make it so all is good. I’m also slowly getting over a cold I got while I was in Portland.

As I mentioned I landed in Dallas late on the 11th (Thursday) and made my way to the hostel about 16 miles away. I had three options to get to the hostel, I could take a train, I could take a taxi, or I could call Uber. The taxi would be too expensive, I don’t have an Uber account, so that left my only option the train. It took me so long to find the train station that it was midnight before I actually got there, then I had to wait for the train to actually leave, and because it was so late the trains were on partial schedules. The train left the station about 15 minutes after I boarded and it took maybe 25 minutes before it stopped at the end of the line. Like I mentioned since it was late the trains were running shortened routes. So I had to transfer to another train. When the train pulled into the station, there were about three police just wandering around…you know that there could be a problem if at 12:30am there are police hanging out at a train stop. When I say station, it’s more or less just a platform not like an actual station, anyway I made it.

A view of the beach from a cliff.

Today was a very good day. If you’ve read many of my posts you should notice that I pretty much speak honestly, and honestly, I can say was a very good day. It was so good to that I finally got to see my Brother in over six years. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see my Mother though. I guess she wasn’t home when we stopped by her house.

I woke up and started moving at about 8 or so. I had hoped to wake up much earlier, but with the time difference I had a bit of a problem falling asleep last night. So my brother and I decided to meet up at about 10/11 and then headed out for breakfast. About the only meals that you can’t get overseas are the traditional American breakfasts. You can come close, but there is nothing better than bacon and eggs, pancakes and coffee to start off a day. Many of the smaller countries in Asia don’t do ham/bacon and none the countries do pancakes. In fact I don’t think in the last five years I’ve seen one pancake.

The Oregon coast is so rugged and beautiful.

Our first stop was just to drive around and sight see some of the changes that have happened since I lived here. Much of my childhood and most of the adult life I lived in Portland. It wasn’t until about 1997 that I moved to New Mexico and later to Texas. So every time I come back to Portland I want to see what’s changed. Sometimes it’s huge changes, maybe a whole block will have been removed and replaced with condos, but other times, like this time, there doesn’t seem to be very many big changes. Sure some businesses are gone or new businesses have sprouted up, but for the most part everything pretty much seemed the same.

After that we went to visit my nephew and then decided to go to the beach. It was raining and cold. I can’t emphasize the “cold” enough… and just in case there I wasn’t totally clear, it was cold. :) I’ve always had a connection to the Oregon coast. I think it was because I spent so much time there as a child that I felt like it was mine. Seriously, I know that sounds weird, but it’s true, the connection was so strong that I felt like it was my personal coastline. My brother wanted to go to a park that has a viewing spot where you can see a light house out in the distance. So we headed there. When we got to the park we saw a herd of elk grazing beside the parking lot. It was so cool, a whole herd of about 15 (we actually counted but I forgot how many) elk just hanging out.

An elk watching me take some photos

Since I didn’t think that we would be going anywhere that I’d need a camera today I didn’t bring mine. I did have my phone, so I did manage a few photos. Unfortunately, my phone didn’t last very long and before I was done the battery was dead. I hate when that happens, but least I did get some photos and I probably would have only take maybe ten more, so it’s okay. I’ll include them in this post. My brother had his camera and it’s much better than my phone so if he sends me some of the ones that he took, then maybe I’ll post them here.

By the time we had taken the photos is was starting to feel like the sun was going down. I say feel because it was already dark from the cloud cover, but it just seemed darker, and in reality it was pushing 5pm at that point. So we headed back to the city, about 100 miles away. I got back to the hostel at 7 and went to a grocery store for dinner. Don’t laugh, there are some good meals to be had at some stores. I ate orange chicken, spicy green bean chicken, fried rice, and pot stickers for dinner. It was really good.

I think that’s all for now. Tomorrow I’m back on the road and will be heading to Dallas early afternoon. I’m getting so close to finishing my travels I can almost taste it. :)

Most of the herd that was grazing. There was still another group nearby.